Garden Tunes specialise in premium quality outdoor music systems that blend into your garden's landscape. 

Our complete design and installation service means you'll benefit from perfectly balanced sound across your garden, transforming your outdoor space into the perfect hosting environment.


Speakers for any type OF GARDEN

Whether you have a traditional English garden or a wide open lawn, our speakers are designed to direct hi-fi quality sound towards the ideal listening area. Our systems come with the added benefit of helping to keep music contained within the areas you want it to be in, reducing the risk with irate neighbours after a summer barbecue.



Our corrosion and weather-proof enclosures are triple-sealed, meaning our speakers can withstand extreme temperatures from -20°C up to 88°C.


Integrate with the rest of your home

The Garden Tunes system supports a range or digital and analogue inputs, meaning you can listen to your entire music catalogue in whatever format you store it in. It can also be easily linked with third party systems like Sonos, Crestron and Control4, giving you seamless control over your music both inside and out.


GARDEN speaker system design service

Before we come and install your system, we'll visit and map out your available space, and design the perfect acoustic layout for your garden. We'll then test your system exhaustively upon installation and make any tweaks necessary to deliver the ideal outdoor listening environment for your home. 


A TYPICAL Garden Tunes System


Placed strategically around the garden, our 'satellite' speakers provide an immersive blanket of high quality audio, no matter where you're relaxing.


Sub-woofer units buried in the ground provide a smooth, balanced bass across the garden, giving your outdoor sound system an incredible sense of depth.


A purpose-built stereo amplifier connects to your existing home music system, supporting Sonos, Control4 and Crestron, seamlessly.

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